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Product range



Bjørn Nielsen Rehab & Hospitalsartikler A/S has one of the broadest product ranges in Denmark within aids for disabled. When it comes to daily used aid you probably won’t find a wider range and it’s almost daily extended.

We have a comprehensive product range when it comes to bath and toilet, rehabilitation and sit/stand/walk-products.

Our bicycles are a chapter of their own in this company. With 47 different types and sizes you won’t find many needs, we can’t cover. Additional to that back in 1967 we were the first in the branch who delivered these special bicycles.

Medical products

Bjørn Nielsen Rehab & Hospitalsartikler A/S is among the largest and oldest suppliers of test-tubes in Scandinavia. In addition to those we have a wide range of other products for hospitals and laboratories among other sterile measuring pipettes, waste systems for medical use ect.

We have all our products in stock, ensuring a fast and safe delivery. Eg. our storage capacity of the test-tubes at 6-8 million pcs.

Bjørn Nielsen Rehab & Hospitalsartikler A/S | Sønderbyen 7 | DK-9510 Arden | Telefon: +45 8692 7955 | Fax: +45 8692 7027 |