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Bjørn Nielsen Rehab & Hospitalsartikler A/S was established in 1964 and has since then been a significant supplier for the Danish health sector.

2014 is the year where we can look back at 50 extremely busy and developing years and we can proudly say that we’re still a Danish owned company on Danish hands.

The foundation stone for the beginning of the company was trading consumption equipment for laboratories and hospitals with test-tubes as the main article.

During the sixties we established Denmarks first production of test-tubes. This production continues until the early nineties, where it’s sold to a German company, from where we still get the tubes.

The first step into the aid sector was taken back in the sixties. On that behalf we have the broadest and most know-how in the business. This ensures that as well therapists as consumers get the best products providing human, health and economic profits.

Bjørn Nielsen Rehab & Hospitalsartikler A/S | Sønderbyen 7 | DK-9510 Arden | Telefon: +45 8692 7955 | Fax: +45 8692 7027 |